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Centennial Minutes


On Wed. Feb. 20th at 10 am at the Presbyterian Church, church members met to start planning for the church's anniversary on June 23, 2019.  


Meeting opened with prayer by Buck Tohill.

Members attending the meeting were: Eva Clark, Linda Deardorff, Sue and Jeff Vanier, Bill Dixon, Nada Rose, Rose Burch, Teresa Cline. Buck Tohill attended the meeting.


Discussion to get started was the fact that an agenda needed to be made before each meeting.  Teresa Cline chosen to be chairperson, and keeping the minutes will be Linda Deardorff, secretary.


The following discussion and assignments were made:


It was noted that there is no budget/finances in place for the celebration. It was suggested that there could be an appeal for donations from those that are interested in doing so.


An Outside Banner to be placed in front of the church - check with Kathleen Miller.


First order of business before the celebration, the church inside and out, including the windows, need to be cleaned. This can be done by church volunteers. Nada and Keith Rose worked on the vacuum cleaner and it is running for now.  Bill Dixon offered to loan his new vacuum to help out.


Invitations need to be sent out by the end of April to former ministers, out of town members including choir  members, local churches. Invitations can be included on the Reedsport church web site and Omnibus paper.  It was suggested and noted that local families of former members of the church be made aware of the celebration.  


Nada Rose and Jeanne Rickels have been in discussion about special music for the celebration Sunday. they were appointed by the committee to oversee the music for June23rd celebration Sunday. Permission was granted that they could communicate with former choir members.


Schedule for June as follows:

June 22nd, at the church, a potluck from members of the church will be held at 6 PM for our traveling out of town guests.  If someone would like to host a visitor for overnight, please let a member of the committee know.


Sunday June 23rd is the date of the 100th Anniversary celebration.  The actual date the church was formed was June 26, 1919.  This year that date would fall on a Wed. so the celebration should be held before and not on the Sunday after that date.


Sue and Jeff Vanier will do a Blessing with flowers, at the Reedsport/Gardiner cemeteries on the graves of members from our church.


The next scheduled  committee meeting will be held Wed., March 13th, 10 AM at the church.


Meeting adjourned with prayer.


Thank you all who attended the meeting. Each one of you are valuable to the success of the committee and celebration.



Teresa Cline