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Last updated: 05/17/2021

Working together to make the world a better place.




This Sunday is the day of Pentecost when the day the Holy Spirit descended and Christianity caught fire (you might say).  The wonderful thing about this day is that it celebrates the day when God became available to all who are willing to take the time to seek Him out and listen for His leading.  It is one of the most important days in the history of Christendom.


The service for 5/16 was not recorded.


Homeless?  In need of help? We do have a very limited amount of food, money and other items on hand.  You need to come by. 


A prayer request page has been recently added to this website.   Click here.


Our Savior has called for His followers to be loving, kind and caring. Those who are, help make the world a better place for all of us.  One of the ways we can do this is by helping those neighbors who are less fortunate than we are, which includes people we don't even know.  The Presbyterian Church has designated the Season of Lent as a time for, "One Great Hour of Sharing," a time when we reach beyond our own borders to help others. 

For more information about this year's giving, click here.  To insure that your check gets where you intend it to, please be sure and designate it for that purpose.  You can do this either through the PC(USA) or through us.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.  Pastor Buck


If you would like to get a jump on the upcoming scriptures, it is almost always uploaded by Wednesday noon, often earlier.


Just for your general information, Easter comes early this year, with Lent is in just a few weeks.  Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, I have no idea whether there will be an in-church service or just online.  Regardless, if at all possible there will be music on Good Friday, if only uploaded to the web.  Whatever happens, we will strive to do our best from this end.


If you get YouTube on your TV, all our services may be found by going to YouTube and then clicking on the search icon and search for Reedsport UPC.  They are listed by date and they don't always show in order.   After you have spelled it out once you shouldn't have to spell it out every Sunday. 


Due to the pandemic and my wife's Alzheimer's, our hours have been greatly altered.  However, if you have a need I am still available and can be reached via my cell phone, 541 218 7657 and I will do whatever I can to assist.  You can also email me at buck@reedsportpres.org.

Sunday Service: 10:30
Office and Pastor's Hours: Wednesday, Thursday. Friday and Saturday 9:00-12:00

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