Last updated: 12/5/2019

Working together to make the world a better place. 



Lay Leader and Greeter for December 8 are Eva and Victoria.  Also, the music and scriptures have been uploaded.  Click here.


Advent Readers for this month:

December 1:  Dennis & Cindy;

December 8: Tom and Eva;

December 15: Jeff & Sue;

December 22: Kathe & Judith.


The December Calendar has been uploaded. Click here.


Session met on the 13th and one of the items decided was to no longer serve a luncheionette on Sundays; it's simply too much work for too few.  However, there will still be coffee and cookies, and we will still be doing the Second Sunday Potluck as well as the Soup Sunday on the last Sunday of the month. 


Thursday Study Group back in full swing, beginning at 5:30p, September 26. Our book is, I'd Like You More if You were More Like Me, — It's a study on getting real about getting close. Written by John Ortberg.


Like to play and sing? So do we.  Talk to Buck, Nada, Rosalie, Tom or Eva about becoming a "Nonprophet".


Life can sometimes be frustrating, hard and painful.  If you find yourself feeling stressed out and have no where to turn, try here. At the very lease we can lend an ear to listen and perhaps even help.  So, drop by, I'll be glad to sit, listen and help if I can. All conversations are held in the strictest confidence. Pastor Buck



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