Last updated: 10/22/2020

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It happened two Sundays ago — In the past I've mentioned that this is a loving congregation...a congregation that cares.  Well, two Sundays ago I mention to our people that our homeless food pantry was low.  Since then it is now overflowing with food and other items.  Thank you so much for caring...caring is a rare commodity.  One other thing we need that you might be able to help with is shoes.  Not new shoes, but your old shoes that are still serviceable, but that you no longer wear.  Remember that these are homeless people who spend a lot of time on their feet and their shoes, normally cheap to begin with, fall apart.  More than any other type of clothing, shoes are most requested.  (In the winter time jackets and coats are also requested.)


Due to the pandemic our hours have been greatly altered.  However, if you have a need I am still available and can be reached via my cell phone, 541 218 7657 and I will do whatever I can to assist.  You can also email me at


Sunday Service: 10:30
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